Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gimmie Yer Gold!-NEW from TFC!


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for a ride to TFC
Opens at Noon alt TODAY!


HAIR-Tableau Vivant-Drake Hair-Winter @ TFC

CROWN-Noodles-Crystal Cover Circlet-Ruby/Gold @ TFC GACHA

EYE PATCH-Rustica-Instant Pirate Kit @ TFC 

COLLAR-Pekka-Leather Ring Collar-Brown @ TFC

NECKLACE-22769-Seven Seas Necklace-Brass @ TFC

HOOK-Stitched-Hooked Hand-Black @ TFC

GOWN-Whatz-Celia-Brown @ TFC

RAFT&POSES-Mien-Seven Seas @ TFC

CHEST-Rustica-Instant Pirate Kit @ TFC

BARREL-Collage-Barrel of Grog @ TFC

FLOATING DECOR-Frogstar & DD-Salty Pirate Tavern Set & Captain's Quarters @ TFC

PIRATE ISLAND-Kalopsia-The Lost Pirate island @ TFC

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