About US!

Sorcha Irelund:
I'm Sorcha… Nice to meet ya.
I'm a SECOND LIFE role player and a SECOND LIFE blogger! 
I adore all things fantasy and medieval and my aim is to bring it to all of you. I'm a bit of a Princess, so the majority of what I blog are gowns, accessories, and shoes but now and again I'll find something for your home and/or garden that simply MUST be shown. 

Please feel free to comment and contact me. I love feedback and making new friends. Remember, this is a positive blog. Save the drama for yo mama. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I'm not here to bash on others or tear apart designers. I'm here to show my support, love, and first and foremost things I can't live without! If I don't like it, I don't blog it. It's as simple as that. 

So… I know what I'm wearing today, do you?



Ellamae Caitrinn (Matarie Theas/Cryanna Resident)

Hey! I'm Ellamae, but you can call me Ella!
I have a wide range of hobbies, both in SL and RL. In SL those include RPing, building, photography, sim and area design, texturing and doing what I can to help others whenever able! I've also tinkered with mesh and scripting. And though I certainly can't consider myself a scripter yet, I'm always excited to learn more!

I'll be posting for you in "Ella's Corner" on this blog things that I love and "thrifty finds" I've come across along the way! I'd also like to bring you some fantastic pieces form the world of children's clothing, and we may even thrown in some decor now and again. I'd appreciate getting your feedback whenever you're inclined to give it, and certainly don't hesitate to inquire about pieces in my posts that you like that were not expanded on. Sometimes I'll create my own little additions to outfits, so drop me an IM if you're interested!

We have bunches of designer friends who's marvelous work we'd love to show off to you in our own special ways! So stay tuned!